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Houses for sale in Kimberley – all you need to know  

Is Kimberley a delightful place to live?

Kimberley is a town in Nottinghamshire and it lies 6 miles northwest of Nottingham. Kimberley is recognized for its rich history in coal mining, brewing, and hosiery manufacturing, plus it is a 

a popular place to live, amongst both commuters and families furthermore Kimberley is a smart place to invest, due to its popular interest.

There is a particularly great collection of properties for sale in Kimberley, choices are abundant in both Flats and apartments for sale, which are a hugely widespread choice for couples and those who are after something more compact, and this also suits students who are studying. If you are looking for your primary home or a stable house for the family, Kimberley has a magnificent selection of 3-bed houses for sale as well as larger 4 bed detached homes to purchase.

What is Kimberley recognized for?

Kimberley has always been recognized for its history, and industry which is unique, and that is something that attracts everyone surrounding the city. Kimberley was home to a lot of industries including coal mining, and hosiery manufacturing, and the history is that Kimberley is referred to as Chinemarelie in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book

When buying a property in Kimberley you may be wondering what the peaceful town has on offer here is a list of Sightseeing in Kimberley

  • One of Kimberley's most notable structures is its war memorial, in the form of a rotunda, and it is used as the emblem of Kimberley School. It's a must-see 
  • On the Southside of Kimberley lies Swingate, and Swingate has various walking and cycling routes into the woods and countryside
  • The twin towns of Kimberley 
  • The White Lion ( Nightlife in Kimberley) 
  •  Kimberley Leisure Centre

         Which schools are there in Kimberley?

  • The Kimberley School: is a secondary school in Kimberley, and it's a good school for all the students to study at and learn a lot. 
  • Hollywell Primary School: Another popular school in Kimberley 
  • Kimberley Primary and Nursery School: a good school to start at 
  • Want to see our latest properties for sale in Kimberley? Whether it's a flat, apartment, terrace, bungalow, semi or detached property that you're looking for we’re here to help. Please call the Propway team today on 0115 888 2900.