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Buying a House and Properties in Nottingham With a Swimming Pool – Our Guide
Buying a House and Properties in Nottingham With a Swimming Pool – Our Guide

Buying a House and Properties in Nottingham With a Swimming Pool – Our Guide

In summary, a swimming pool can be a fabulous feature for a home and comes with a lot of added benefits – it is a great admirable feature that may add value to your property and a fun place for families and keeping fit. There are, however some questions that you need to to ask yourself and seller to ensure you are making the right decision.

Have you dreamt of buying a house with a swimming pool in Nottingham? A stunning, indoor or outdoor pool can add incredible value to a property and is something that may be enjoyed by everyone.

To help turn your dream into a reality, we’ve put some useful hints and tips together on what to consider when searching for a house for sale in Notts with a pool.

What type of house is the most suitable for a swimming pool?

The first step is to think about is the type of home you are looking for. From terraced homes, semi-detached, detached or even a country cottage; each type of home comes with an array of different benefits and potentially different pools to choose from. A pool is an added feature to a home, so be sure to choose a house that ticks your boxes first.

If you thought that only big houses come with swimming pools, think again, as you don’t need to be a millionaire if a house with a swimming pool is on your wish list. Some new developments and flats offer a shared facility swimming pool – which although doesn’t sound as appealing taking a dip with your neighbours, it would mean you would share the maintenance costs and cleaning.

Indoor or outdoor pools?

Second on the list is thinking about whether you want a house with an indoor pool or outdoor pool?

Homes with outdoor pools are slightly harder to come across in Nottingham due to the UK weather being unpredictable, which is why you may need to invest in a heated pool.

A property with an outdoor pool does make the ideal place for a summer party - with the music playing, the BBQ sizzling, sun glaring and children entertained; it does sound like a perfect choice.

Homes with indoor swimming pools tend to need rather a lot of space and are usually associated with a large luxury home. Many of them do come with their own leisure room, sauna, gym and a changing room. With an indoor pool you do not need to rely on the weather and can be used all year round.

Both types can add value to your home and could make an incredible feature.

What are you using a swimming pool for?

Another consideration when choosing a home with a pool is thinking about how often you are going to use it which will link closely to the point above of indoor or outdoor?

Is it for a quick dip now and again, in the summer to cool you down? Or are you looking at doing regular laps, aerobics, or maybe even something to entertain the children?

An indoor, spacious pool can be used all year round and therefore might be the better choice for the typical avid everyday swimmer.

The weather in Nottingham is unpredictable during even the summer months, and  it is therefore hard to say how much use you will get out of an outdoor pool. However, when the sun is shining, there’s no better experience than swimming outdoors, and enjoying alfresco dining. If you are happy with the pool being shut for half the year this could be a good selection.

How easy is a swimming pool to maintain?

When purchasing a house with a pool, whether its indoor or outdoor you need to ask how the pool is heated and how easy it is to maintain? Maintenance can be costly in terms of money and your time. Some key questions to ask is how the pool was built? When it was the pool built? Who by? Has there been any pressing issues and how the pool is heated?

An outdoor pool is likely to be heated by either a gas boiler or a water heat pump. A water heat pump is a better option as it is more efficient. Whilst an indoor pool has a heater via an environmental control system.

An outdoor pool will need to go into hibernation during the winterisation process from September to March to protect it and will need servicing before it reopens in Spring.

An indoor pool is likely to need a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in the air which may affect your electricity bills.

Pools do require a lot of maintenance which includes using the correct chemicals, cleaning surfaces which takes time and effort. It is imperative to keep on top of this as could provide health hazards to you and your family.

Lastly you should ask about costs, how it affects insurance and how much the utility bills are to ensure its covered within your budget.

Do I need to get a survey check on a swimming pool?

You may be wondering if a house needs a survey check? The simple answer here is “yes – it certainly does”. It is recommended to talk to an expert to provide a thorough inspection of the condition of the pool which will be included within the purchase agreement. This report will help determine any additional costs.

Are swimming pools safe for children?

If you have children – a swimming pool; indoor or outdoor could make the perfect choice to entertain them and even be used to teach them how to swim.

However, it is critical to take precautions when buying a house with a pool. A few examples could be putting locks on doors leading to the pool, investing in a safety fence around the pool and setting some pool rules.

Again, it is importance to keep on top of the maintenance to ensure the pool is clean and avoids any toxins that could affect health.

For more advice on buying a home with a swimming pool in Nottingham please contact the Propway team on 0115 888 2900.