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Guide to Buying an Equestrian Property in Nottingham
Guide to Buying an Equestrian Property in Nottingham

Guide to Buying an Equestrian Property in Nottingham

As a horse owner there are many factors to consider when searching for a property for sale in Nottinghamshire that has stables attached it.

Whether you keep horses as a hobby or if you’re looking to set up your own equestrian business at home, we’re here to advise you on your property search.


The British Horse Society (BHS) recommends that the minimum land requirement for keeping horses is a ratio of two horses per hectare on permanent grazing (1-1.5 acres per horse). This is a guide only.

Depending on how many horses you have this equation is important to consider when looking for a house for sale with stables and land. Rest assured Nottinghamshire is made up of lots of beautiful rural villages and surrounding countryside that have properties available with a good amount of land to keep horses.

The quality of the land at the property should also be considered from the type of soil underfoot in the paddock to the grass that the horses will be grazing on.

Stables & Outbuildings

Keeping your horses safe and secure in good quality stables is essential to any equestrian. As part of your property search its important to think about the type of stables and facilities that you want specifically for your horse(s).

There are two main design options available from traditional stables to open barn stables made from either brick or wood.

Access to a water source nearby or in the equestrian yard would be useful so that you can provide drinking water.

Budget permitting additional outbuildings would give you extra storage space for hay, riding equipment and a tack room. Alternatively, it gives you the option to keep more horses in the future especially if you’re looking to run an equestrian business.

If you can’t find your dream home with the stabling facilities readily available, then again budget permitting you could consider building your own stables to your specification. Some properties do have the scope to be developed further with planning permission to help meet your exact needs.


They say that location is everything and when choosing a house with stables don’t forget to look at the access points to and from the property as you don’t want to struggle manoeuvring your horsebox.

Looking at the county itself; Nottinghamshire is a fantastic location for horse riders to enjoy and an equestrian family to live.

There are over 500 miles of public trails including bridleways that you can explore whilst exercising your horses. Plus, the county is home to Cotgrave Country Park and Bestwood Country Park which are great areas to go horse riding.

Nottingham is also based centrally in the UK and has good transport links with the M1 which is ideal if you’re looking to attend horse events, shows and racecourses around the UK.

For additional advice on purchasing an equestrian property in Nottingham please contact the Propway team on 0115 888 2900.